An integrated email marketing strategy for women's fashion eshop.


Personalise your communication and get to know your customers.

In today's dynamic digital marketing landscape, an effective email marketing strategy can be a game changer for online businesses, especially those in the women's fashion industry. With the countless options available to consumers, highlighting and building strong relationships with customers is vital. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into proven email marketing strategies that are tailored to online stores that offer women's clothing. We'll cover each step with examples and real-life cases to show the effectiveness of the strategy.

#1 - Building a solid foundation


Before you create compelling email campaigns, make sure you have a well segmented and net email list. Collect customer data through your website registration forms, pop-ups and post-purchase interactions. Segment your list based on preferences, purchase history and browsing behaviors in your eshop to send personalized messages.

Example: Η ASOS segments its email list based on users' interests, sending tailored content that matches their preferences.

#2 - The welcome range stands out

In order to be given the opportunity to welcome your subscribers, they must first subscribe to your list. Displaying a pop up with the right incentive and at the right time is the best thing you can do. So once subscribers have subscribed to your list, make a great first impression with a welcome series. Send a series of emails introducing your brand, your values and highlighting your best-selling women's clothing collections. Include a special discount to incentivize their first purchase and track whether they complete their first purchase.

Example: Η ModCloth increased their email order rate by 33% using a personalised welcome series that showcased their unique clothing style.

#3 - Personalised product recommendations


Leverage customer data to provide personalised suggestions products. Analyze shopping history, browsing behavior and wish lists to curate customized recommendations. Use dynamic content blocks to showcase similar apparel items that match customer preferences.

Example: Η Nordstrom sends emails with personalized suggestions based on customers' previous purchases and style preferences.

#4 - Recovery of abandoned basket

Create an email sequence with automated emails to retrieve abandoned baskets. Remind customers about products left in their cart without completing their purchase, offer assistance and provide a sense of urgency with limited-time discount coupons. These emails have a high conversion rate as customers are already interested in the products.

Example: Η Rebecca Minkoff increased its revenue by 10% using emails in the abandoned cart, reminding customers of the items they left behind.

#5 - Seasonal campaigns and trends

Send relevant content by creating email campaigns aligned with seasonal trends. Showcase women's clothing appropriate for an upcoming holiday, an event such as weddings during the summer and an upcoming change in weather/season. Include exclusive collections, limited time offers and eye-catching creative.

Example: Η Zara excels at sending seasonal campaigns that are relevant to current fashion trends, grabbing the attention of consumers who are aware of them.

#6 - Customer Reviews


Include user-generated content in your emails to build trust and authenticity. Share customer reviews, testimonials and photos of women wearing your clothing submitted by users. This not only encourages purchases but also creates a community around your brand.

Example: Η Fashion Nova incorporates user-generated photos into its email communication, resulting in Increase of the percentage of click ratio to number of appearances against 25%.

#7 - Loyalty, Rewards and VIP Programs

reward sephora

Reward your loyal customers with exclusive offers, early access to discounts and VIP privileges. Segment your most loyal customers and create email campaigns that make them feel valued.

Example: Η Sephora offers a tiered loyalty program where VIP customers receive special discounts and access to limited edition women's beauty products.

#8 - Post-purchase monitoring


Show appreciation to customers after their purchase with additional emails. Include order confirmations, shipping updates and personalized recommendations based on their recent purchase. These emails enhance their positive shopping experience.

Example: Η Revolve increased its repeat customers by 15% by sending personalized post-purchase emails that suggested relevant and complementary products based on customer purchase.

#9 - Reactivation campaigns


Regain inactive subscribers and customers with reactivation campaigns. Send personalised emails with enticing offers to encourage them to interact with your brand again and make a new purchase.

Example: Η H&M sends reactivation emails with personalised offers to inactive subscribers, successfully re-engaging a significant proportion of its customers.

Creating a successful email marketing strategy for online stores offering women's clothing requires a combination of personalization, creativity and customer focus. Building a strong foundation, activating the automations and by consistently delivering valuable content, your brand can create meaningful connections with its customers and increase both loyalty and revenue. Remember that each step of this strategy can be customized and refined based on your specific target audience and your brand's unique identity. Through careful planning and execution, you'll be well on your way to creating an effective email marketing strategy that will set your online women's clothing store apart from the competition.

If you need help implementing email marketing in your own women's clothing business (and beyond), we are at your disposal. Without any obligation, we can do an email Email Marketing audit and suggest improvement strategies. In our company we provide email marketing services to ecommerce partners-owners all over the world and we are always ready to help you achieve your goals.

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