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Reward your loyal customers


The loyalty programmes is like the secret sauce for online shops - is the virtual high-5 that keeps customers coming back for more. Think of it like your favorite coffee shop giving you a free latte every now and then - it makes you feel special, right?

Well, that's exactly what loyalty programs for online stores do. They create that warm, fuzzy connection between customers and your brand, making them feel valued. What's more, these programs aren't just about freebies. They're also a smart way for stores to gather information about customer preferences and shopping habits. Therefore, it's a win-win: shoppers get the perks and online stores tailor their offers for maximum customer satisfaction. It's like building a small community of happy shoppers who keep the online cash registers ringing constantly. Cha-ching!

And the best part? You don't have to pay for an extra reward program as it can be done entirely on Klaviyo without any additional charge.

Step 1: Enriching customer profiles

The most important step in creating a successful reward program is to aggregation of all data within one platform. And this is where the Klaviyo outweighs. With the help of webhooks we managed to use the history of customers to enrich their profile with points. This step is extremely important for the following reason. Let's say you have been a customer for 2 years at eshopA. You have placed a total of 500€ worth of orders. And the online store decides to start a reward program for its customers? How would you feel if it started now and didn't take into account all your history? Betrayed? Indignant? Stripped? Nothing good, for sure.

So here we have all the data to add all the points that customers are entitled to Heterochromatic. So this way all customers will feel that they have really made the right choice to buy from us for so long. Below you will see only a part of the range of conditions.

Loyalty add points

Step 2: Make the rules about how customers will earn points.


The simplest and what reward programs usually do is to return to customers a percentage of the turnover they bring to the business. So we're talking about another transaction. It's the business saying "spend money and I'll give you back the 1%". Pretty lame, isn't it?

What did we do instead? We care about the users be active and have interaction with the business. So we gave incentives for subscribing to the newsletter, for whenever they are active on our page and don't buy, for whenever they click on our email etc (hmmm, did we just improve the very important open rate of your newsletters?). 

Step 3: Give real rewards.

As we mentioned, it's very easy to tell a client to spend money to give them a percentage back. Why not show them that they are actually a member of an exclusive program? How? By giving him lifetime benefits such as free shipping forever on all orders or a fixed discount percentage. Below we have a list of what you can do:

Exclusive access: Offer members early access to new products, discounts or limited-time offers. It's like being part of an inner circle with VIP privileges.

Birthday gifts: Send a special discount or free to customers on their birthday. Everyone likes to feel like they are celebrating their special day.

Tiered rewards: Create levels based on spending levels. The more a customer spends, the more attractive the rewards they unlock.

Charitable donations: Let customers use their points to donate to a charity of their choice. Adds a feel-good factor to your program.

Reward adjustment: Allow customers to redeem points for personalised products or add-ons. It's like designing their own rewards.

Gamified Challenges: Create mini-games or challenges where customers can earn extra points. Keep things exciting and interactive.

Mystery Rewards: Offer surprise rewards where customers don't know what they will receive until they redeem them. Adds an element of excitement.

Personalised gifts: Send small personalised gifts based on a customer's shopping history or preferences. It shows that you really know and care about them.

Step 4: Make the whole process like a game

Along with these incentives, make the whole process feel like a game. We all have a child inside of us and children love toys. That's why our newsletter subscription form has a completion rate above 10%.

So imagine this: you turn point collection into a real game that customers can't resist playing. First, start with appealing names and levels - think "Bronze Explorer" to "Diamond Legend". Make sure each level unlocks exciting rewards or discounts, making customers feel like they're leveling up in a video game. Then add a few challenges or missions. For Example, "Complete 5 purchases this month and unlock a mystery prize!" This gets people engaged and striving for that sweet reward. And let's not forget the friendly competition - a league table showing top scores can spark a healthy competition. Time-limited events, such as "double-point weekend," add to that adrenaline rush. Oh, and throw in surprise bonuses or secret missions that pop up unexpectedly - everyone likes a good surprise. By mixing the thrill of the game with reward points, you'll have customers collecting points like they're on a mission to save the digital universe.

Step 5: Help them make the most of the rewards

Let's say a client of yours has 970 points for a month. And at 1000 points a special reward is waiting for him. Don't wait any longer. Send him a reminder at the right time so that you can re-energize him and he gets what he rightfully deserves. So here we created segments with customers who are very close to the next reward level and sent them a 100% personalized message to re-activate them.

segment loyalty points

Step 6: Locate and reactivate inactive users

The rewards program is a great way to re-engage your inactive customers. So we created an automated process where we told them that their points were at risk of being lost. Nobody wants to lose something they've earned that's so exclusive. So we created the so-called FOMO and re-activated them. It's also a good way to keep your list clean of those who really don't care about your brand anymore.

If you need help understanding whether email marketing would be rewarding for your business and how it can become part of your marketing strategy, we are at your disposal. With no obligation, we can do an email marketing audit in eshop your and your suggest improvement strategies. In our company we provide email marketing services to eshop partners-owners all over Greece and we are always ready to help you achieve your goals.


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