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Responding to customer review is a company’s evaluation of a product or service it offers on Google Maps.

Customer reviews are a form of customer feedback about the level of satisfaction. The most important reviews when it comes to local businesses are Google reviews, as they help the algorithm rank you higher in search results and drastically increase the discoverability of your business online.


It must be done management of reviews on Google, both positive and negative. But of course the ideal would be to have as many positive reviews as possible. But how do we do that, and especially when we want to protect our business and not have fake reviews on Google, risking a permanent shutdown of our online business?


For local businesses on Google Maps, the average number of Google Map reviews for a location has been found to have a significantly greater impact on its appearance compared to the average rating. In fact, it has been found that average score is not directly related to ranking the top three (see here how important it is to be in the top 3 results).

See the average amount of Google reviews ratings breakdown for all listings analyzed in all categories.
It’s important to note that all three positions have average scores above 4.1, which tells us that positive reviews are still beneficial, even if they do not ultimately determine whether the business wins the top ranking spot on Google Maps search results.
average google review rating infographic

On the contrary, the number of Google reviews for a local business is highly correlated with ranking position. You can see the average number of reviews for the top three positions for all listings reviewed in the image provided.

It clearly shows how, on average, the first position on Google Maps had more reviews than those in positions two and three.
number of google revies infographic
The result was the same when the median number of reviews was also considered.
median number of Google reviews infographic
These results show us how important it is to encourage as many customers as possible to write reviews. Along with an optimized optimized Google My Businessmaintaining a high volume of reviews and an average rating of 4.1 or higher can drastically improve your visibility in Google Maps results.

The Cycle of 5 Star Review Growth

Chart showing how positive reviews on Google are growing at a geometric rate


All you do is get started and your positive reviews will grow exponentially. So will your customers. How is this possible?

  • The first step is to start asking for reviews.
  • This will lead to more customers (88% of users choose based on reviews).
  • So you’ll be able to ask for a review from even more people.
  • This means an even greater increase in reviews.
  • More visibility on Google and so on.
It’s a cycle that once it gets going it doesn’t stop. What are you waiting for?


5-star online reviews significantly enhance a local business's online reputation by boosting its visibility and credibility on search engines and review platforms. Positive reviews can influence potential customers' perceptions, making them more likely to choose your business over competitors. They also play a crucial role in local search rankings, increasing the chances of your business appearing in top search results. By demonstrating high customer satisfaction, 5-star reviews can drive more traffic to your business, ultimately contributing to increased sales and growth.


Managing your online reputation and customer experience.


Customer scans qr code sitting at table to leave business review to Google


Just ask, and you shall receive! It’s as simple as that, yet surprisingly overlooked. When customers request their bill, they’ll also be presented with a QR code, inviting them to leave a 5 star review for the business. This seamless approach makes it easy and convenient for them to share their experience and for you to get reviews on Google.



We expertly identify and categorize your customers into those who are satisfied and those who are not. Happy customers are guided towards leaving a 5 star review on Google, Trip Advisor etc. While those less satisfied are directed to complete a customer satisfaction survey, the findings of which are promptly shared with you. This approach ensures that positive feedback is publicly showcased, while any negative feedback is addressed privately, allowing for continuous improvement.

Icons of people and in the centre a target with a dart in the centre, symbolizing the strategic targeting of a company's customers.
Laptop orange with envelopes of customer data


We collect participants’ emails and secure their consent to send promotional messages so that you can continuously grow your customer base. Highly sophisticated segments based on review rating (5 star review or less) and survey responces.


Reach out to your loyal customers with a personalized newsletter, offering tailored suggestions and deals. This direct line of communication is perfect for organizing events to ensure your venue is always at full capacity.


Our pricing policy is designed to be flexible and cater to businesses of all sizes, with prices starting as low as 10€ per month

If you don't know how to find your Google review link , read our step-by-step guide. In the unlikely event that you do not have a Google My Business profile, we set it up for you completely free of charge.

all inclusive

We handle the design and printing of the materials you need, saving you valuable time.

Manager with information about the positive Google reviews of the company


You have access to reports that are updated daily with data such as the number of customers who have rated you and how many stars average.


We analyse your users' behaviour and are constantly improving the form to increase positive reviews.

typeform drop off rates


120€ /YEAR
150 Reviews
Create clients list
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Business email notifications
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Montly Report
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Dynamic QR Code
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multiple Google Maps locations

If you have more than 2 locations, ask us for a special offer.

More information on the digital catalogues can be found at



Our aim is to provide comprehensive services to ensure starting our partnership is as seamless as possible. That’s why we handle the design and printing of cards and letterheads, enabling you to offer your customers a smooth and straightforward business evaluation process.

  • Card/Leaflet Design 50€

    We design the card/card in your Brand's colours and aesthetics (up to 3 corrections).

  • Leaflets Printing From 60€

    We print your leaflets and deliver them straight to your doorstep. The prices depend on the quality and quantity ordered. For instance, 1,000 copies on A5 paper, 90 g/m2 cost €60, while 10,000 copies are available for €290.

  • Printing Cards From 40€

    We print business cards featuring a QR code and deliver them straight to your doorstep. Prices fluctuate based on both the quality and quantity ordered. For instance, 1,000 pieces printed on 350 g/m2 coated paper, double-sided, are priced at €40, while 10,000 pieces are available for €190.

* All prices are VAT free


According to, nearly every user checks a business’s reviews before deciding to visit or engage with it.

Here’s what they said:

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Our strategy focuses on increasing positive online reviews while minimizing negative ones, ensuring you will still receive crucial feedback from customers about any issues.

Initially, the customer provides their email to enter the company’s giveaway (you can choose the incentive), allowing you to directly contact them if needed.

Then, if a customer gives a rating of 3 stars or lower, he/she is asked to complete a satisfaction survey. However, if they rate you with 4 or 5 stars, they’re directed to our business’s Google My Business (GMB) page to leave a positive review.

5 Star Review Form Advantages

  • No need for your customer to install an application.
  • Superior user experience with a carefully designed form that makes the review process a breeze.
  • Separating positive from negative reviews to strategically boost the number of 5 star reviews. reviews.
  • Compile a list of customers along with their satisfaction ratings (for example, the number of stars they awarded you on the feedback form).
  • Boost customer retention and keep them coming back to your business
  • Instant email notifications of the reason a customer was unhappy.
  • Promote your social media to your satisfied costumers
  • Analytics the monthly number of people who scanned your qr code (the times they did so, and their locations, among other details).
  • Newsletter to update our valued customers on upcoming events.
  • Promoting reviews across various review platforms (Facebook, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, etc.)



Below you will find some suggestions on how the positive review boosting service can be applied to different businesses.


Business card to increase positive reviews for catering businesses (restaurants) Front side.
Business card to increase positive reviews for catering businesses (restaurants) Back side.

Here you can place the form that will prompt the customer on the table or provide it with the bill. Our suggestion is to provide with the bill for 2 reasons. Firstly he should have a complete view of the business and this can be done properly at the end of the meal. Secondly, if it's on the table from the start, it won't get your attention when you want it. So if you have a reastaurant, coffe shop, fast food, bar or similar businesses, it's time you get noticed.


Professional card to increase positive reviews for hotels. Front side.
Professional card to increase positive reviews for hotels. Back side.

At the time your customer checks out, you will give them the hotel review prompt form. Since the business has information such as the customer's email, the prompt can also be sent via email if within 7 days he has not left his review. If you find it strange that we can know whether he has left his review or not, just ask us to know the strategy we apply and how it works 100% correctly. Either you have hotel, rooms to let or air bnb, increasing positive business reviews is vital. Lots of 5 star reviews will help you not only to be fully booked but also to adjust your pricing as you wish.


Business card to increase positive reviews for transport services (taxi). Front side.
Business card to increase positive reviews for transport services (taxi). Back side.

Once you arrive at your customer's destination, give them your business card with the qr code for a positive review. The incentive you give for participating in the evaluation survey can be a discount on his next transfer. So here with a card you A) increase your ratings B) increase repeatability of your customers and C) on the card you can include your contact information so that next time they can find you easily. For all transportation services and even much more for transfers of people to and from airports, ports and tourist areas.


You have visited a home or business to carry out technical work. Before you leave, give your card which will have our QR code on it and will prompt your customer to leave you a review. During your customer's participation 2 things will happen. A) They will leave you a positive review on a public platform or B) They will leave you a neutral or negative review on the satisfaction survey which is private. In addition, the survey results will be fully enlightening so you can understand what went wrong and contact the customer in case you want to resolve any misunderstanding. So if you are a professional plumber, painter, electrician, locksmith and other related professions, your online reputation is something you need to start improving.

Other businesses that can benefit and have applied for the service are medical services (medical centres, doctors, microbiology centres, diagnostics, etc.), beauty services (hairdressing salons, edge care, beauty centres, tattoo parlours, etc.), real estate services, consultancy and legal services (business consultants, lawyers, notaries, etc.), sports centres (gyms, yoga centres, etc.), parking services (parking), gas stations etc.

Your business deserves all those positive reviews which not only make you visible but also set you apart. It’s a way to improve your ranking in Google’s local searches and to stand out from the competition with a multitude of positive review. Start getting a 5 star review from every customer!

When users wonder why their review doesn't appear on Google, there are many possible reasons behind this issue. First of all, review platforms enforce strict terms of use, and if the review contains abusive or inappropriate content, it's likely that it won't show up. Also, platforms may check the authenticity of reviews, and if misleading practices are suspected, the review may be rejected.


In addition, the platforms' algorithms may apply filters that exclude certain reviews according to various criteria. It is also important to confirm that the review has been submitted to the appropriate category or business, because an incorrect placement can lead to its non-appearance.

Turning off Google reviews is a common question asked by many users who run businesses or other online profiles. First, it is important to note that Google does not provide an option to turn off reviews. Reviews are a critical piece of transparency and their absence could affect the credibility of the platform. If a business receives negative reviews, the best approach is to respond professionally, providing solutions to potential problems and paying attention to customer service. Finally, proactive management of reviews is encouraged, replacing negative reviews with positive experiences and encouraging customers to share their positive experiences online.


In general, the situations where you can request the deletion of a business's reviews are limited. Some of the possible scenarios include:

  1. Misleading or insufficient content: If a review provides misleading information or is inadequate, you can contact Google Support and request that the review be deleted.

  2. Violation of the terms of use of the platform: If a review violates Google's terms of use, you can report it and request its deletion.

  3. Unwanted conduct or breach of personal information: If the review contains unwanted conduct or a violation of personal data, you can request that the review be removed.


It is important to remember that the majority of review platforms seek to maintain transparency and credibility, so deletions of reviews occur rarely and generally in exceptional cases.

When a business receives a positive review on Google, the response to the customer is critical to building a positive relationship and enhancing your online authority. A good way to respond is to express gratitude for their positive review. For example, you can say something like "Thank you so much for your positive review! We are grateful that you enjoyed our services and look forward to seeing you again!"


It is important to show personality and that you know your customers. You may want to add some customization to your message to reflect the specific nature of the positive review. So don't always write the same response. Personalize it each time and personalize it to the experience each user had.


Also, consistency is important. If your business receives many positive reviews, it's important to respond to each one, not only to express gratitude, but also to show that you appreciate the time your customers took to post their review.


In summary, the response to a positive Google review should be honest, polite and personalised. This reinforces the positive image of your business and builds strong relationships with your customers.

When an undertaking receives a negative criticism of Google, its reaction is a critical part of managing its online presence and reputation. A common way of responding is a polite and constructive response to the customer.


First of all, it is important to show interest in the problems that the customer mentions and to thank them for giving their point of view. Avoid immediately defending yourself or challenging the client publicly. Instead, try to provide detailed information about how you intend to solve the problem.


You can suggest that the customer contact you and discuss the issues he/she has mentioned further. If the criticism is valid, you can acknowledge your mistakes and outline the steps you intend to take to improve the experience of other customers.


In any case, watch your tone and avoid personal attacks. A polite and professional response shows other customers that you are willing to listen to their concerns and resolve any problems. Also, handling negative reviews publicly shows that you are transparent and committed to improving your service.


Research have shown that a negative review can improve the image of the company if it is answered professionally

Buying Google reviews is a practice that causes a lot of debate. Some entrepreneurs are interested in increasing their online reputation by buying positive reviews, while others are concerned about the consequences. Firstly, it should be noted that this practice is against Google's terms of use and may lead to suspension of the account. It is recommended to seek credibility through true reviews and communication with customers, offering them high quality products and services. In the process, honesty and authenticity will be the real pillar for a successful online presence. Besides, no matter how many positive reviews you buy, if the service offered is mediocre, then you have bigger problems to worry about.

Responding to delete negative reviews on Google is an issue of concern to many entrepreneurs. First and foremost, it is important to understand that Google places a strong emphasis on transparency and credibility of reviews, considering them an important part of the user experience.


Entrepreneurs often ask how they can delete negative reviews, and the answer is complicated. In the majority of cases, Google does not allow businesses to delete reviews. Instead, it has established some guidelines that must be followed. It is important to be present on one's business page on Google My Business, responding to reviews, and providing high quality service.

However, if a review violates Google's terms of use, such as includes controversial content or personal attacks, you can report the review to Google for review. However, Google reviews such complaints carefully and does not always remove reviews.




The cases where you can report a review and request its deletion are:

  • Off topic - The review does not refer to experience in or in relation to this business
  • Unwanted - The review is from a bot, fake account or contains advertisements and promotions
  • Conflict of interest - The criticism comes from a company affiliated with the company or a competitor's company
  • Profanity - The review contains abusive language, obscene language with sexual content or refers to graphic scenes of violence or other illegal activity
  • Aggressive behaviour or harassment - Criticism constitutes a personal attack on a specific person
  • Discrimination or hate speech - The criticism contains offensive language about a person or group of people based on their identity
  • Personal data - Contains personal information, such as an address or telephone number

The key for any business is to focus on providing excellent products and services, as well as communicating effectively with customers to solve problems. By doing so, the business can build a positive online presence, while negative reviews can lose their relevance over time.

There are several reasons why a customer review may not be publicly visible. First, Google has review replacement policies that aim to maintain the credibility and validity of the review system. Ratings that are considered false or misleading may be removed.


In addition, Google uses algorithms which assess the authenticity of the reviews and the history of the user submitting them. If the algorithm detects unusual activity or suspicious patterns, it may affect the visibility of the ratings. Also, Google's content policy rules may result in not displaying reviews that include offensive or illegal material.


There is also the possibility that the assessment is submitted as provisional or that there is a delay in processing by the platform.


It is important to follow the rules and guidelines of the platform for assessments, as this affects their visibility. Therefore, users need to be careful and consistent when submitting reviews, and businesses need to provide good customer service in order to maintain a positive profile on the platform.

If you want to give a direct link to your customer by email, sms or by scanning a qr code to make it very easy for them to leave you a review, then read detailed guide Just book your seat with us.

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