Email Marketing Pricing

How much does Email Marketing cost and what you need to do to get started.

Email + SMS marketing


Below you will see in detail what we provide as email marketing services. Contact us to send you a personalized cost based on the needs of your business.

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Create email sequences

We create automation for your business to send the right email, to the right person, at the right time! That's because the start of the sequence is based on an action the user took on your website and then they receive 3-5 different messages. At each stage of sending, we re-evaluate the user's behavior and decide whether or not they should continue to receive them.

Sending bulk newsletters

We plan the newsletter and send them to your targeted list. And all this with the minimum cost and being perfectly adapted to your needs and your business!


Targeted subscription forms to grow your subscriber list and improve the user experience in your eshop with personalized suggestions.

Full Integration

We fully take care of setting up your account, applying the optimal settings so that you can take advantage of email marketing at 100%.

Create Email

Upgrade your business presence in direct communication with your customers via email. All templates are created based on your branding so that the user experience in their inbox is as close as possible to the on site experience.

Email Sequences

We leverage the efficiency of automated message sequences. We design and implement custom automation for your business, ensuring that your communication with your audience is appropriate to where they are in their journey towards completing your goal every time.

Anonymous Monitoring

Leverage the ability to track data anonymously to understand the behaviour of your audience. With anonymous tracking, you discover trends and patterns that help you adjust your strategy for optimal results as soon as a user signs up for email marketing.

Registration forms

Increase your subscriber base with effective subscription forms. We design and integrate forms into your website based on user behavior, the page they are on, their history, etc. So what the user sees is always relevant and we avoid boring them with constant pop ups.


We manage the entire process, from content creation to timely delivery, maximising the effectiveness of your newsletters. Personalized targeting due to strategic segmentation of your subscribers.

Reward Program

Boost customer loyalty through customized loyalty programs that are integrated into your email strategy. Encourage repeat orders and reward your most valuable customers with exclusive offers and incentives.

Full Report

Find out how your email marketing is performing with full monthly reports. You will have full knowledge about each action and whether it was rewarding for your business.

Personal Support

Full personal support. Our team is committed to providing immediate assistance and guidance, ensuring that your email marketing efforts are always on track. The one that leads to achieving your goals.

Related Products

Boost the number of interactions with personalised products in your emails. Present relevant products based on customer preferences. It can be products that they recently saw or put in their cart but didn't buy. This way your subscriber feels that you really know them and they are much more likely to complete their order.


Send your messages accurately using advanced segmentation. We help you target specific segments of your subscribers by delivering customized content that is relevant to each recipient. Leverage your customers' purchase history or your visitors' browsing history.


Identify customers who have not subscribed to your subscription with strategic retargeting. Give them an incentive to subscribe and reduce the time it takes to place their next order.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to predict your customer's behaviour. Optimize your strategy by ensuring your campaigns are always one step ahead. Gather data that will predict the average time between a customer's orders and their future CLTV.

Sender domain

Improve the delivery and reliability of your email address by creating a dedicated sender domain. We manage the technical aspects, ensuring that your emails are delivered to your inbox and not to your spam folder.

A/B Testing

Optimize your campaigns for optimal results with A/B testing. Experiment with different elements to discover what resonates best with your audience, improving your strategy and with it your turnover.

Create Email Templates

Upgrade your business presence in direct communication with your customers via email. All templates are created based on your branding so that the user experience in their inbox is as close as possible to the on site experience.


We increase positive reviews of the business by segmenting satisfied and dissatisfied customers, so that only those who show a willingness to leave a positive review are encouraged to do so. The rest take part in a satisfaction survey.

Satisfaction surveys

After sending the order we are not finished. It is important to make sure that the customer was satisfied so that they will prefer us again. We send targeted customer satisfaction surveys by measuring NPS. For those who are unhappy, we immediately email our customer service department to investigate.


We can create targeted shared database of business data. E.g. on Facebook you can use 180 days of data. With us you can use data from the beginning of the business without restrictions to make your Facebook & Google advertising more efficient.


We undertake Viber/SMS campaigns with strategic targeting. These campaigns have open rates of over 95%, which is why such a direct communication channel must be used to send messages with surgical precision.

push notifications

Increase customer loyalty with timely, personalized push notifications that capture your audience, driving back to business.

Frequently asked questions


Of course! This is perfectly normal as the beginning of any collaboration is the half of everything. Without any commitment whatsoever you can make a free 30-minute presentation, where we will discuss your business and give you useful tips on how you can improve your existing email marketing plan or what we will do for you if you are new to the industry. Beyond that, you can see real results in case studies Just book your seat with us.

We monitor all the events of your eshop and record the sales. You can see for each customer which newsletter they opened, which one they clicked on, when they bought, which products etc. The interface is the most complete on the market that's why we can get spectacular results.

The interface can be done by us in collaboration with your developer, as long as your online store works on one of the following platforms: Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, Wix , WooCommerce, Mi9, OpenCart, Shift4Shop, Spree, Volusion.

Personal data is completely secure and is not stored on your site, so you have no reason to worry. All subscribers subscribe to our newsletters with double opt-in, meaning they confirm their email and registration and within each profile it is clearly indicated when and how they consented to receive newsletters.

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