How to put my business on google maps


Why list your business on Google Maps.

In an age where an online presence is vital for businesses, being on Google Maps is no longer just an option. It's a necessity. Google Maps, formerly known as Google My Business, is a powerful tool that connects local businesses with potential customers in their area. By adding your business to Google Maps, you improve your visibility, credibility and discoverability online, ultimately leading to more traffic to your business location and increasing your customer base. In this detailed guide, we'll walk you through the process of adding your business to Google Maps, step-by-step.

Google Maps business listing guide

Sign in or create a Google Account

Before you start adding your business to Google Maps, make sure you have a Google Account. If you don't have one, you can easily create one by going to If you already have an account, sign in.


Access to Google My Business

Once you're signed in, go to the Google My Business website ( or search "Google My Business" on Google and click on the first result.

Create Google My Business Profile for business

Add your business

Listing your business name on Google Maps

Click the "Manage Now" button to start the process of adding your business to Google Maps. You will be prompted to enter your business name. If your business does not appear in the drop-down menu, click "Add your business to Google Maps".

Create a business name in Google My Business

Select Business Type

You will be asked to select a type of business. If you have a online store and enable your customers to complete their purchase online, then you should choose online retail. If you are a local business where your location is visited by your customers, such as a restaurant, then choose the Local Store. If you are a business where you offer services where you visit customers at their own location, such as a plumber, then you choose Service Business.

Select a business type in Google My Business

Google My Business category selection

In the next step you will select the basic category of the business. Attention here! Based on the category in Google My Business, Google will decide which features are compatible with your business. E.g. if you are a restaurant you will have the option to put your own hours and business description. If you are a hotel, then your hours will default to "open always" and you will not have the option to put your own description.

Google My Business category selection

Listing your business address in Google My Business

Fill in your address accurately and make sure it is exactly the same as all other listings online that list the business address. This will also play a role in claiming the business name from you.

Listing your business address in Google My Business

Confirm your business in Google My Business

If there is a chance your business may already have a Company profile in Google Search or Google Maps, you will see this image. If you see your business in the suggested ones, select it and you'll get instructions to improve your existing Company Profile.

If you do not see your business here, select None of these

Enter exact location in Google Maps

You will be asked to accurately select the location of the business on Google Maps using a pin. If you feel that it is not accurately placed in your location, then click the Adjust, move the map so that the pin is positioned exactly at your address and tap Done.

Enter exact location in Google Maps

Phone and business website registration

Enter the contact phone number of your business and website. It may say here that the website is optional but in the digital age we live in, the website construction is vital for any business.

Phone and business website registration

Verify your business

After you enter your business details, Google will ask you to verify your business. This is a critical step to ensure that only legitimate businesses are listed on Google Maps. You can choose to verify your business via a postcard sent to your address, a phone call or an email.

Optimise your Google My Business profile

Once the business is verified, take the time to optimize your business profile. Add high-quality photos, hours of operation, description and any other relevant information. This not only makes your business stand out, but also provides users with valuable information.

Customer Review Management

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your Google Maps profile. Positive reviews can have a significant impact on the reputation of your business and attract new customers. Respond promptly to positive and negative reviews to show that you value your customers' feedback.

Use the Google My Business features

Explore the various features offered by Google My Business, such as posts, offers and information. Update your profile regularly to keep customers informed about offers, events and any changes to your business.

Benefits of adding your business to Google Maps

  • Increased visibility: A presence on Google Maps ensures that your business is discoverable by local customers who are actively searching for the products or services you offer.
  • Reliability and trust: Being on Google Maps adds credibility to your business. Potential customers are more likely to trust a business they can easily find on a trusted platform like Google.
  • Accessibility on mobile devices: With the growing use of mobile devices, Google Maps makes it easier for customers to find your business on the go, driving foot traffic to your physical location.
  • Strengthening SEO: Google Maps listings contribute to your overall web presence and can positively impact your site's search engine ranking, leading to more organic traffic.

Adding your business to Google Maps is a strategic move that can have a significant impact on the success of your business. By following this detailed guide and taking advantage of the features offered by Google My Business, you will improve your visibility and increase your customer base and turnover.

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