Increase positive business reviews with email marketing.


The importance of positive reviews of a business.

It is important for any business to have positive reviews because they are a decisive factor for its success. Positive reviews create trust and credibility with customers, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Consumers tend to trust the opinions of other consumers and rely on them for their purchasing decisions. Thus, positive reviews can increase the number of sales and enhance the impact and competitiveness of the business in the market.

But how easy is it for a business to get positive reviews and how can email marketing help with that?

Ask and you shall receive!

Sometimes it's as simple as that! Once a customer has chosen you and has completed their order in your eshop, make sure to ask them to review you a few days after their purchase. Show him that you care about his opinion even after the purchase. This is where you need to show your customer that you care about his opinion. be careful about when you ask for the assessment. It can't be too soon to give them time to try your product. But neither is it too late so that he has already forgotten you.

Target with surgical precision!

You know the name of your customer. You know what he bought. Perfect. So why do you send the same messages to all your customers? Show that you know them and personalize your messages. A good practice is put the title of the product in the subject line of the email or in the body of the text. And of course you can address the customer by name but only if you do it right. If you can't ensure that you address him in the clerical rather than the nominative (e.g. if you're going to say "Hi Alexander" rather than "Hi Alexander"), it's best not to do it at all.

Separate your customers based on their experience


Here many businesses are worried about negative reviews. First, not everyone can be happy. There will certainly be negative reviews. With proper management of course, even negative reviews can work in the business's favor when there is a professional and respectful response to the customer. Second, there is a way to limit them. Within the email, give the customer the opportunity to show you their feelings with one click. This way you will have an idea if they are going to leave you a positive or negative review. In the next step, do the separation. Those who are leaning towards the positive review will be redirected to the appropriate site (Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, etc.). Those who are unhappy will take part in a customer satisfaction survey and you will be notified immediately by email to see what went wrong with that customer and help them have a positive experience in the end.

Give motivation


Just as you give incentive someone to subscribe to your newsletter list, you must do the same to motivate him to leave you a review. This can be done by offering them a discount coupon, free shipping on their next order, taking part in a draw, etc. The important thing is to have an incentive that is enticing enough for your customer to dedicate some of their valuable personal time to leave you a review.

View your reviews


It is much easier for someone to let go of their criticism when they see others doing it. When there is even the possibility of his criticism being viewed by you, all the more reason. So why not pick out the most beautiful review and showcase it on your site or on the business's social? That way you will show in yet another way how much you value the opinion of your customers.

If you need help understanding whether email marketing would be rewarding for your business and how it can become part of your marketing strategy, we are at your disposal. With no obligation, we can do an email marketing audit in eshop your and your suggest improvement strategies. In our company we provide email marketing services to eshop partners-owners all over Greece and we are always ready to help you achieve your goals.


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