Why should I give unique coupons rather than a static coupon for everyone?

Are all your clients the same? Why should their legs be the same?

Creating unique coupons for email marketing campaigns can offer many benefits that a static coupon cannot. Here are a few reasons why dynamic coupons are better for marketing and data analysis:


Unique coupons allow you to personalise the offer for each individual customer on your email list. You can tailor the discount or promotion to their past purchase behaviors, order history or other data points. This personalization can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency that leads to more sales and revenue.

How personalisation helps you to reach your customers properly 

Create a sense of urgency and uniqueness

By creating a unique voucher for each customer, you can create a sense of rarity and urgency. The coupon code will be exclusive to the customer and have a set expiration date, which encourages them to make a quick purchase before the offer expires. This can lead to increased sales.

Data collection and analysis

Unique voucher codes allow you to track the redemption rates of each code and collect valuable data on your customers' shopping behaviours. This data can help you analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns and tailor future promotions based on your customers' preferences and behaviors.

Safety and prevention of abuse

Unique voucher codes are more secure than static codes, as they are not easily shared or copied. This can prevent fraud or coupon code abuse, which can lead to loss of revenue for your business.

Find out exactly what A/B Testing is and how it will help you increase your revenue.

By creating unique coupon codes, you can run A/B tests to determine which offer or promotion is most effective in increasing sales and revenue. This can help you improve your email marketing campaigns and optimize your offers for maximum impact.

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