10 reasons you should increase Google reviews.


In a fully interconnected world where everyone searches online, every click and every cursor scroll counts, and the importance of Google Maps reviews for local businesses is like a beacon in total darkness, guiding ships into port. So too are users looking for the most glowing review that will lead them to the business they want.

So reviews are not just words. They are the whispers of the market and the loud cheers (or disapprovals) of your customers. Let's take a closer look at why increase of Google reviews in quantity and quality is not only beneficial, but it is paramount to the discoverability of your local business.

Come out of your shell

Imagine your business as a small, colourful fish in the vast ocean of the Internet. Without customer reviews you are alone and the presence is barely felt. Mrs. Sophia's Bakery in Komotini was once a hidden gem in a small town, until she realized it. Started by simply asking each customer to leave a review, discreetly, at the end of his visit. He also placed signs with a touch of humour. Tell Google!" This small step led to an explosion in reviews, transforming the business from an unknown bakery to a favorite fresh cake destination. The key here? Don't be shy to ask for reviews. Only the 4% has stated that he will not leave criticism if asked. Your happy customers are often more than willing to share their joy online.

Build trust Build trust


The plethora of online businesses, trust is the key. Without it, potential customers are very likely to prefer another business. This was the case of a young florist in the Upper City of Thessaloniki, Dimitris Chrysafidis. The beautiful floral creations waiting for someone to come along and make them his own. So he started a campaign, offering a small discount on the customers' next purchase for each review. Soon, his fresh flowers went viral. The lesson? Incentivise your customers. A small but practical thank you can go a long way in building trust.

The magic of Local SEO

In the world of digital marketing, local SEO is what makes businesses stand out. If you have few reviews, your business is probably invisible to Google's algorithms. Basil's Shack, a welcoming restaurant, struggled to survive until they focused on gathering reviews. They trained their staff to remind customers to leave a review if they liked their meal. This small practice made a big difference, bringing more hungry patrons into the fold. Your magic wand? Train your team to ask for customer reviews who seem to enjoy your services.

Feedback: data goldmine


The reviews are not just words. It is data gold mine to improve your business. Without them, you are sailing without a compass. Stellas Coifure salon began actively soliciting reviews that include customer feedback, treating each review as an indication to improve its services. So what they did is send their customers a form which was very easy to fill out, before redirecting them to leave their review online, They even organised a monthly 'Customer Review Day', celebrating the most useful reviews. This not only improved their service but also created a loyal customer base. Show your customers that their feedback is taken into account by solving any problem they reported.

Exploitation of the Pack

In the business sector, the herd effect has its own significance. Cozy Cafe took advantage of this by featuring their reviews on social media and in their physical store. They created a "Wall of Fame" for their best reviews. This visual representation of happy customers sparked interest and drew more people to experience what others were praising. Your strategy? Display your reviews with pride. Let the "flock" lead others to you.

Turning the negative into a positive

The negative reviews may upset you at first, but in reality they are golden opportunities. Elite Electronics once received a scathing review. Instead of hiding it, they reported it publicly and corrected the issue. This show of responsibility turned a dissatisfied user into a loyal customer. The golden rule here? Respond to negative reviews with professionalism and show that you are doing everything possible to provide even better services/products.

The heart of the business beats in your neighbourhood

Customers and staff of a café in a local neighbourhood smile

Your business is part of a local community. Gold Spa Center understands this. They started responding to reviews by mentioning local events or other local businesses that provided different kinds of services. This not only showed their commitment but also their love for their community. What to do? Connect your business with other local businesses Let your reviews show how connected you are to your local community.

The ripple effect

Positive reviews are like stones thrown into a pond. They create ripples. Pet Shop Corner began sharing its positive reviews on its website and social media, which led to more customers wanting to experience and participate in the positive experience. Your plan of action? Share the good. Take advantage of any positive criticism to create a multiplier effect.

Sharpening your sword

In the battle of business, your reviews are your sword and shield. iTech used their positive reviews to highlight the unique points that make them stand out, such as their speedy service. They included quotes from reviews in their ads and on their website. To gain your advantage, use your reviews as weapons. Highlight what makes you special.

A journey of continuous development

Finally, reviews are not just indicators of the present. They are also indicators of the future of the business. At Meat Place restaurant they saw each review as an additional step in the business development journey. They were constantly adapting their menu and services based on the feedback. Treat every review as a step towards a better, brighter future for your business.

In essence, the reviews of Google Maps is the compass, map and telescope that guides your business across the digital seas. They are not just comments. They are the lifeblood of your online presence, the whispers of growth and the cries of success. So ask them to evaluate you, thank them, learn from them and let them take your business to the next level.

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