Free tool for Google Maps. Find out where your business appears.


We have previously analysed the importance of Google My Business optimization but also of an increase in positive online reviews a local business. So if you are the owner of such a business (restaurant, hotel, café, hairdresser, spa, etc.) then this tool is for you.

If you don't have one of the above businesses and are wondering if the Local SEO and the improve ranking in Google Maps is for you, then you should definitely read exactly what local SEO is and whether your business can benefit from it.

But let's cut to the chase. We promised you a free tool to find out where your business ranks in the Google Maps but also look at your competitors. So let's look at our detailed guide together.

FREE Local Rank Checker

The Google Maps location ranking search tool can be viewed by clicking on the icon. (By the word location we mean the Google My Business of the undertaking appearing in the Google Maps)


The first thing you will see is the picture below. Start typing your business name into the box.

    Free Local Rank Checker Tool

    As you keep typing, you will see that it brings up some suggested businesses below.


    Once you have selected the business, you will go to the next step where you will be asked to enter some keywords. As you will see in the image, the tool will suggest some. Here, for example, the suggestion is "Italian restaurant" and not by chance, as the main category that the business has selected in Google My Business is the category "Italian restaurant". If you are not satisfied with this suggestion, you can put in another keyword. Here we note that you can only choose one but if you want to use more, just send us a message and we will prepare a study for your business free of charge.

    burrattino main category
    burrattino keyword

    Once you've selected the keyword, click the "See current position" button to see exactly where you are on Google Maps.


    And here you will find all the useful information.

    • We first look at the average score of the business in the surrounding areas. Here Burrattino ranks 32 on average. So we understand straight away that it is unlikely that anyone will find the business online. That is, where everyone is looking for Italian restaurants.
    • Immediately below we see the visibility rate which confirms what we just said. With 14% visibility essentially the business is not visible to its potential customers.
    • Below we see the number of competitors of the company (142) and who they are. For a business to know who its competitors are so that it can monitor them is vital for improvement at all levels, not just in Google Maps rankings.
    burrattino google map ranking

    These blue icons with the question mark are also points where the company has a specific ranking. In the full version of the tool we have full access to all the information you saw and much more. This allows us to do effective Local SEO and improve local business rankings on Google Maps. If you'd like us to help yours, we're at your service. But what you can do directly is check your own business too!

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