First 30 days of email marketing with ROI 1182%: Open Cart x Klaviyo Case Study.


First 30 days of email marketing with 1182% ROI: Open Cart x Klaviyo Case Study >>

Welcome to the world of email marketing!

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available today. It allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers, build relationships and increase sales and awareness. If you're just getting started with email marketing, the first 30 days are critical. But don't worry, as an email marketing expert and Klaviyo Partner, I'm here to guide you through it. In this blog post, I will share with you what to expect in the first 30 days of email marketing with us, through a trusted partner.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending messages to a group of people via email. These messages may include offers, newsletters, announcements and more. It's an effective way to communicate with your subscribers and build relationships with them to gain loyal customers and not be so dependent on marketing channels that you don't own.

How we started

There are 3 main pillars on which we built our service:

#1 Create a dynamic subscriber registration form:

Forget registration forms that simply appear to all users and become annoying. These forms, instead of helping your business, harm it as the user experience is the worst and the most likely to leave your eshop, increasing the abandonment rate of your visitors (among others, the bounce rate also affects organically your Google results)

All our forms are targeted by visitor segment as well as by landing page, making the content highly relevant and useful, greatly increasing the form completion rate per visitor. And of course the forms are mobile friendly. The form will not appear the same on desktop and mobile but will be adapted to provide the best possible user experience.

The results speak for themselves. For the above form we achieved a 3.5% form completion rate on a desktop computer and 3.8% on a mobile phone. A total of 500 people filled out the form within the first 30 days, giving us the most valuable data about the eshop: their email along with the consent to contact them.

Advice we give you based on experience and data: Don't ask for too much information on the registration form. Email alone is more than enough to initiate communication. Imagine before you really get to know someone asking for your last name, first name and date of birth. You'd probably glare at him.

Like asking what he is interested in is also unnecessary. Most likely he will press the first option just to be done. In the registration form "less is more". In terms of what interests them, we monitor the user's browsing behavior as well as their purchase history and strategically decide on the content that is most likely to interest them and make a new purchase in the eshop or other desired action for the business.

#2 Setting up subscriber welcome automation

It is very important from the very first moment to start building your relationship with your subscriber and potential customer. He should feel unique so don't send him a static coupon that you've sent to thousands of others. Send him a unique code and make sure he knows it's only for him and no one else.

And of course we don't stop there. We continue the contact by reminding him of the company's social media. For someone who has given their email, just clicking to follow you on social is a piece of cake.

And since the most important metric in an eshop is whether someone placed an order, we track whether they actually placed an order. If they didn't, we kindly remind them of their coupon. Don't forget that distractions are countless in the online age. A message, an email notification or a call, is enough to take your customer away from your eshop.

#3 Send newsletter to engaged segments

The deliverability of your account is easy to break and hard to recover. For this, very careful work should be done from the first month. We collected data from our first 3 campaigns as well as from the automation we have already mentioned in order to create highly engaged audiences. The result; From an open rate of around 10% we reached an incredible 60% within the same month. The click rate went from 1.5% to 4.5%. This helps our partner see their messages delivered to the inbox and not spam.

we remind you the Advantages of Email Marketing

Don't forget the benefits of email marketing for your business. Some of these include:

Low cost: Email marketing is an economical way to communicate with your customers. You don't need to invest in promotional materials or printed materials, as emails can be sent electronically.

Segmented and personalized communication: You can send customized messages to each recipient, based on their preferences and purchasing habits. This can help increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Increased profitability: By using email marketing you can increase financial profitability. The ROI of email marketing is by far the best of all the marketing activities a business does. You can see how many recipients opened your email, how many clicked on links, and how many bought the product or service you're promoting.

Strengthen customer contact: Email marketing can help maintain a strong relationship with your customers. You can send thank you messages, inform your customers about new products or services, and offer discounts and promotions just for your subscribers.

final result

Very nice all of the above but are you going to say to me "Did I get anything out of this whole story or am I just paying you and the platform and at the end of the month I have nothing left?"

Well said. Our goal is to have partners and not clients, that's why the partnerships we have are partnerships for years and not months. Our partner in April 2023 had a turnover of €14,672. Of these, the turnover attributed to email marketing is of the order of €2,472. That is, 16.9% of his turnover came from email marketing! These services are provided in our medium package where the cost is €149 per month. The cost of the platform is €60. So we have a total marketing cost of €209 and a turnover of €2,472. So we are talking about a return of 11.82 (ROI = 1182%). Do the math...

Imagine in the coming months with hundreds and thousands of new subscribers and also when he decides to switch to the Enterprise package where we have unlimited automations, satisfaction surveys, the very important A/B testing for all actions, etc. how much higher his turnover will reach.

If you also want to get started with email marketing, don't hesitate to contact us. In our company we provide email marketing services to clients all over Greece and we are always ready to help you achieve your goals. At worst, you will receive highly personalized advice with no obligation!

Email marketing

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